Four Simple Steps for Feeling Balanced

Let’s talk BALANCE! And I don’t necessarily mean walkin on a tight rope-balance, but life balance. Friends, family, significant others, work, and yourself. Notice the irony of how it seems natural that the self comes last.

As of January 1st, 2015, after reading a blog post about choosing a word for the year to focus on bettering for myself, I chose balance. I found it hard to become better than mediocre at anything I did, and I think it’s because I didn’t understand the need for focusing on balance.

Here are four things I have implemented into my life in the beginning of the year, to feel as though my life is structured in a way that I feel is balanced just as I desire. 

1. Scheduling your needs for self-care.

Simply put, schedule time everyday for activities you want or need to do to feel happy. The morning seems to be the perfect time for most people, but maybe the evening is best for your lifestyle. (I suggest reading “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod). 

For me, I need exercise! I schedule it into my morning as if it has to be done, which luckily becomes habit over time, and also makes me feel pretty bummed the rest of the day if I do not wake up to exercise.

2. Make and spend time with others.

Whenever you have days off, try to see whoever is important to you! Spend some quality time with loved ones, because life is too short. Quality over quantity, ladies and gents. It makes it easier to block out time for people when you feel as though you block enough out for yourself and the things you like to accomplish. 

3. Take a trip! Vacation/staycation, whatever floats your boat.

Whether that means visiting distant or nearby friends and family, take a long weekend and out of town, homie!

Day trips are good, too! Whatever or whomever you feel like your life is lacking, go for that. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to if it’s planned, but spontaneity is always exciting! Life needs to be super spicy every now and then. 

4. Be present at work, and let work stay in the office. 

Be the light. Be present. And learn as much as you can. When things go wrong, fix it, and leave it at the office for the next day.

If you have your own business, and possibly even work from home, create a space where work stays and hours of the day that it happens. We all have productive hours of the day that work best for us, so make sure those hours are well put to use, and then be done for the day. 


Symbolism of Life

Good morning!

You know when something amazing happens and you just feel the need to share it with the world?

This Fourth of July, 2015, ¬†I accidentally lost the friends I was celebrating with, and ended up poppin a squat on the sandy beach for the fireworks all by my lonesome. Not too long ago, I probably would have been super bummed I couldn’t find anybody, and dwelled in my own self-pitty that I was sitting on a beach, by myself, on a romantic evening to celebrate life and freedom, ALONE.

To my own surprise, it was actually quite refreshing to sit and enjoy them in my drunken solitude! I highly recommend to anybody that doesn’t like being alone, to start taking care of yourself in whatever way your heart desires. Do one thing, everyday, that puts a smile on your face and sparks the light in your heart. Only you can make yourself happy. And then hopefully somebody will come along someday to sit there by our side during those celebratory moments as well as the tough ones, and create a duo-dynamic that makes us feel more alive than we can even imagine.

I’ve been practicing this for a while, and it’s safe to say that life gave me the opportunity to put my tools to work.

Happy belated 4th ūüôā



Signs You Might Find Your Future Right Here, Right Now

Good morning, beautiful people!

I am currently enrolled in The Institute of Transformational Nutrition. It is an online certification program to become a Holistic Health Coach.

What is a Holistic Health Coach, you ask?

Basically, it is whatever niche you decide, working with a specific market of people you choose to work with, to better their health in whatever way you connect to most.

The world is literally your oyster.

I figured with this wonderful weather, today is the perfect day to share a story about a woman who reclaimed her own health, and now lives to not only tell the tale, but shares the knowledge and empowers people to do the same!

Ever been passionate about nutrition, or health in general?

Maybe you, like myself, were not necessarily raised in a healthy home, and want to learn how to get yourself to optimal health and spread the love as a Holistic Health Coach!

Ever think about what it could be like to love¬†your career, work for yourself, and coach people to become their healthiest and happiest they’ve ever been?

Personally, I am on a high when I think about the opportunities that this passion has in store for me, as well as all of¬†the lives I can improve physically, mentally and spiritually. For me, changing the world means changing individual people’s lives to become their best self, so they can share their light with the world and spread it along.

Just check out this success story of a woman who decided to enroll in The Institute of Transformational Nutrition for her own health issues, with no intention of coaching others. She then fell in love with the idea of changing the world for the people who need her knowledge and experience, all the while earning an income.

Let me know what you think!

Garden Your Mind

“Just keep your plants healthy ’til the sun comes back. Then boom! They grow like crazy.” – Breathe, by Kate Bishop.

I just finished my first full book in a VERY long time. Not proud of the fact that it’s been forever since I picked up and book and finished it, but it was the perfect book to get “back” into the reading game. (I highly suggest it to every one of you – SUCH AN EASY READ, TOO!)

The quote stated above really got me thinking. Every now and then, I feel down; yet other times I feel elated with euphoria and gratitude. Although this quote is literally talking about plants, what if we related it to ourselves?

I know for myself, when I’m not feeling 110% happiness, I tend to feel like something is wrong at the moment – even if it’s not. But honestly, I just don’t think I’m constantly ‘keeping my plants healthy.’ Meaning, instead of drowning in a negative feeling, I should do something healthy for either my mind, body or soul, to lift that spirit myself.

That could be anything! From going to the gym, just stepping outside for some fresh air, turning on you favorite jam band, lighting a candle, reading a book, taking a deep breath, calling a friend – anything!

Practicing this for myself makes me even more excited for those euphoric moments.

We should all give it a shot, and let me know if it works for you! The goal is to bring yourself up when you’re feeling down. Write down what you did to improve your mood, and watch how your happiness can result from your own actions.


Fourteen Scientifically Spiritual Minutes of ‘Deep’


Spirituality is one of those terms that people take in many different contexts.

Ever opened your mind to what not only you believe to be “spirituality,” but what other people, religions or scientists believe?

Even if you do not fully accept the entire philosophy, I’d love for you to listen to what this man has to say.

Whether you believe in the big bang theory or the evolution of human kind, we got here somehow! Who cares how? Why debate about it? To me, spirituality is even just opening your mind to the beliefs and theories that are out there about how we have come to be, why we are here, and what happens to us once our current human experience is over.

So here, if you’re an open-minded person, this video could change the way you see some things.

Happy New Year! And happy Friday ūüôā


Let’s All Become Unicorns!

Life is limitless, ladies!

Once we recognize this and instill in it our everyday thoughts, we can seriously do anything – maybe even become unicorns! Our conscious thoughts become a reality, but we need patience in order to watch it all unfold. Time is our friend.

This video that has been shared with me is a comical (yet possibly serious) representation of how the male species think of us, women.

Let’s use our minds to best control our “craziness.” (We all know that the reason we’ve become so defensive is due to how a large majority of men treat women in 2014. I assume it has everything to do with our current “hookup culture,” but all we can do is walk away from the ones that make us anything but happy, inspired and feeling as beautiful as we are.) This can be done with thoughts of positivity and situational awareness. Also, sometimes a little bit of objective observation on our own lives¬†can help a lot as well. We should all find a man who feels as though he’s captured his mystical unicorn.



FREE Life-Changing Movie on Health and Wellness until 11/27!

Dear Lovely Human Beings,

Do yourself a favor. In less than two hours, instead of doing something that may be a waste of time, sit and relax with a beverage to watch this most-likely life-changing movie on the evolution of our health and wellness.

If you think about it, this may actually be the most productive thing you’ve done for yourself all day (at least) – if you’re sitting at home snowed in as well!

Enjoy :]


P.S. РI need to thank The Institute of Transformational Nutrition for providing me with the resources to find such an amazing film!

#OriginsFilm @Well_Org

via Watch the Global Premiere of Origins the Movie.

How Our Vibes Guide Our Lives

Isn’t it wild¬†when you¬†feel the vibes of somebody who inspires you?

You can literally feel the energy flowing¬†through their body and out their pores; being around them is like a breath of fresh air. Also think about the negative people though. Don’t they just suck the life out of you? (Especially if you try to be a positive person).

Perfectly stated in an article I¬†once read, ‚ÄúIt does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.” – Amit Ray.

I love this quote!

My days are so fulfilled when I choose to not only BE happy, but to spread my happiness.

Our moods create an entire vibration for the room to feel. If you don’t wake up in the morning with intentions of a good day filled with positive vibes, the day may not pan out as joyfully as you’d like.

I work at a Chiropractic office in Midtown Manhattan, and BOY is the commute I’ve put myself up to exhausting! But at the end of the day, I’m so energized working with like-minded people because we all share the same passion; to help our patients and to provide a little getaway from the city’s madness.

So take a moment and think about which person you’d rather be; the one that lets each day pass, while sucking the good energy out of a moment/situation/environment? Or would you rather be that person who chooses to physically send¬†out positive energy with your thoughts until you burst with contagious happiness?

Nobody’s perfect, that’s for sure. External factors definitely come into play, and some things are out of our control. We’re only human. BUT, life is way too short to let negativity and the people who create it control our thoughts and our energies.

We have a power to use our conscious minds to control our thoughts and actions, so we may as well embrace the fact we’re all technically superheros! :]

Enjoy your weekend!


The 7-Day Feel Good Blogging Challenge #7!

Day 7 intends to highlight a controversial topic in my industry!

Heath care in the US.

What a controversial topic in itself! Some people think we all equally deserve care, and some people feel as though it’s unfair to be “paying” for people’s heath care that do not “earn” it.

Of course, just like any other opinionated topic, we’re allowed to disagree. But when it comes down to it, wouldn’t you want your country to help you out in a time of need? Anything can happen to any of us at any point in time; we’re not invincible – we’re human. And we need to back each other up.

That’s why I feel as though workplace wellness should be booming in all industries. We, as a career-driven nation, can reduce¬†our own health care costs! Proving to society¬†that creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves can not only cut back our own health costs in the long-run, it can¬†also reduce¬†hospital expenditures.

But what about the homeless? People that cannot even afford shelter, let alone healthy food to prevent a need for care.

Personally, our country needs a little bit more empathy for each other and less greed. We should feel good about sharing our profits. Not everybody is necessarily blessed with family similar to whom we may have in our own lives, or lucky enough to have learned qualities needed in the workplace. We all need at least one role model and support system, and unfortunately not everybody has one.

Just some controversial thoughts!

Thanks for reading :]


The 7-Day Feel Good Blogging Challenge #6

We’re all super experienced drivers and could never slip up, right?

WRONG! We do not control the car – the car basically controls us.

On my way back to school after a month and a half of winter break, typically a 4 hour drive on average, I totaled my first (and hopefully only) automobile. Innocently enough, I was taking a picture of the SUNSET! One of our most beautiful and natural gifts to this earth; just trying to soak it up on my boring ride down to start yet another semester.

Luckily for everybody on the road, I hit the cement barrier and not any other vehicle.

This 2001 Silver Jetta was a wonderful gift given to my sister and me from my grandfather, Pop. I looked up to this man, as he has been the only man to ever treat me like a Princess (what some girls can only dream). It would be nice to still have this in my possession, as he recently just passed away leaving me only with memories.

That morning, my older sister offered me twenty bucks since my parents didn’t take me food shopping like they would for her throughout her college years. I couldn’t take $20 from my sister for food! It’s not like I was paying for my own food in the first place. And it was my choice to go so far away, right? I told her, “I just really appreciate having a car! I can food shop whenever I want!”

Low and behold, BOOM! No mas. So much for my gratitude.

A moment like that can really bring us down; physically with pain, financially, and emotionally – for feeling so stupid, yet so lucky to be alive. Definitely a roller-coaster ride in a sense (no pun intended). People would basically tell me they think I shouldn’t tell anybody how I got into this accident.

Do not ever let anybody else’s thoughts affect you. I could easily have been embarrassed by how my accident came about, but why? Why be embarrassed about the truth? It’s what happened! I’d rather be real, and try to share my lesson of NOT USING A CELL PHONE while driving.

We all think we’re invincible on the road. “That’ll never happen to me,” we think. Yeah well, I thought so too. Technically, it could not even be your fault and something happens in front of you, but you’re not ready for it because you’re¬†checking that new text.

If we get smarter with this, and realize that our phone can wait, we can save cars and especially lives.

I am SO blessed to have not hurt a soul, but my own. Thankfully, that situation is probably saving my own life in the end. I never ever even think to touch my phone while driving anymore.

Hopefully this post will help you do the same.